Maps of Fiesta Island’s possible future

FIDO is working to preserve a large leash-free area on Fiesta Island. The maps here show:

  1. The currently proposed plan from the city that FIDO oppose — as the map shows, it includes a road and fence through the current off-leash area.

  2. The map below shows the Smart Growth, Low Cost version that FIDO supports instead  — it preserves the off-leash area intact without roads and fences.

FIDO-proposed plan for Fiesta Island leash-free area:

Map of FIDO-proposed plan

Map of FIDO-proposed plan









Watch out for foxtails!

foxtailsThis is the time of year when nasty little grasses called foxtails are rampant on Fiesta Island. The sharp, barbed seed coverings are very dangerous for dogs – they can get into your dog’s ears, between their toes (where they burrow into the skin), and even a lung if they are inhaled through the nose. Removal can require sedation or even anesthesia by your veterinarian. At this time of year, try to avoid the most heavily infested areas on Fiesta Island, and ALWAYS check around your dog’s ears and between their toes when you leave the island.

Here are couple of links for further reading:…/foxtail-grass-can-kill-your-dog/

2016 planned closure dates for Fiesta Island

The city of San Diego maintains a list, updated quarterly, of dates when Fiesta Island will be closed from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday for various reasons. Even when the island is closed, note that you can still walk onto it; you just cannot drive there until it opens.

Visit here for the full schedule.

Volunteers Needed!

Want to help FIDO add our dog park to city plans? That will help make sure it won’t be developed and will forever remain an open space for dogs and their humans. We’re looking for volunteers on Sunday April 17 at the EarthFair in Balboa Park. Email: for more info! Come have fun with us helping people find out about FIDO!

Thanks for your help at Fiesta Island Cleanup

Huge thanks and big woofs to everyone who participated in our latest cleanup. On Saturday, Feb. 20, FIDO volunteers worked together to:

 — Pick up LOTS of poop
 — Add over 200 new names to our membership list
 — Collect over $600 from generous donors and Tshirt buyers
 — See regular FIDO volunteers and plenty of new ones

Thank you to everyone who showed up to help in our ongoing fight to keep our area of Fiesta Island a forever leash-free exercise area for humans and dogs. Keeping the island clean is important to show the city that we are good stewards of the land, AND makes it a more pleasant place to walk, of course.

Our next cleanup is Sunday, June 26. If you haven’t attended one of these, they take just an hour of your morning, are fun (no, really!) — and are a very satisfying way to contribute to FIDO.

For more info, email us at

Poop du jour! Fiesta Island Cleanup on Feb. 20


Join your fellow FIDO supporters at Fiesta Island on Saturday, Feb. 20 between 9:30 and 11 a.m. for one of our periodic cleanups.

Keeping the island clean is important in our fight to keep Fiesta Island leash-free forever. It also helps keep feces and trash out of the ocean, and keeps it a great walk area for dogs and their families.

Clean is contagious – it sends a signal to others to ALWAYS pick up after their dogs.

Bring your own scooper, or we provide rubber gloves and single-use bags. Your dogs are welcome too. Invite others! Guilt your fellow Fiesta Island lovers into helping too.

If poop pickup isn’t your thing, you can also help get other volunteers to sign in when they arrive, or pitch in on other jobs. We can use your help any time between 9 a.m. when we start to set up, till 11 a.m. when we take our tables down. If you need more info, email

See you there!

Thanks for helping us save Fiesta Island

Woooo-weeee! We just ended our November T-shirt sale, and thanks to all of you, FIDO raised $2,643 — we sold 222 T-shirts, and collected $210 in extra donations.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing the opportunity to buy a shirt, FIDO purchased some extras and will be selling them at Fiesta Island at our next cleanup – see you there.

Again, thanks to everyone who bought a shirt or made a donation, or both. We’ll use the money to continue our efforts to keep the off-leash dog-and-people exercise area on Fiesta Island from being developed by the city.

Upcoming Cleanup, October 3, 2015

Can you volunteer on Saturday, October 3rd?HappyDog250x300

at our next clean-up event? If you can volunteer to help set-up (come at 9am to help set-up) or stay until 11:15am (to help wrap-up) … and/or sign-up new members during the event instead of helping clean-up for the entire event, reply to this email and let us know!

COME from 9:30 – 11am to help clean-up

Invite others! Bring friends! Bring your own picker-uppers. We will have single-use gloves and bags. Dogs are welcome as long as they can help you while you pick-up! :)

Report Problems

For all non-emergencies use the park hotline: 858-581-7602.

If you see:

** people with too many dogs (more than 6 dogs/person)

** people not picking up their dog’s poop

If you carry your cell phone, add the hotline number to your phone book so you have it with you. FIDO is working very hard to keep our area clean and safe,- we don’t want a few people making all of us look bad!


FIDO is a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation run by volunteers dedicated to protecting and improving the fenced off-leash dog park on Fiesta Island.

See You at Doggie Street Festival on Aug. 22

Going to this year’s Doggie Street Festival? It’s coming up on Saturday, Aug. 22 at Liberty Station from 9 to 4.

Stop by our FIDO booth and say hi – or if you can volunteer for an hour or two, email us at

The festival will feature music, plenty of booths with cool pet products, good food, lots of fun – and of course your (friendly) dog is welcome. Entry is free — bring a blanket to sit on the grass with your pup and enjoy the scene.

Doggie Street Festival was founded by a San Diego-based indie filmmaker, Jude Artenstein, as “an adoption event bringing together the rescue community with adoptable dogs & cats, a platform to increase adoption and educate on spay/neuter options, alongside veterinarians, pet professionals, trainers, health and nutrition experts to provide information and improved care – all wrapped in a festive public celebration for our deserving companion animals.”

See you there!

Eat at Sammy’s Pizza and Support FIDO!

Help support Fido by eating at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill any time on Thursday July 23rd, 2015. Just bring a printout of this flyer to give to your server and FIDO will receive 20% of your bill!Sammys NIght Flyer