CPK Restaurant Fundraiser March 13, 2014

Do you like pizza and want to support Fido? Join us at California Pizza Kitchen on March 13. Just remember to bring in this flyer, present it to your server and Fido will get 20% of you check including dine-in or take out.


Special Note: Please do not distribute flyers on location, it is a violation of our agreement with CPK and can cause us to lose the donation. Thank you!

Beach Cleanup February 22nd

February 22 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
The next organized FIDO Fiesta Island Off-leash Area Clean-Up will be held, Saturday, February 22 – from 9:30am-11am.

Dogs are welcome!

Bring your own picker-uppers and gloves if you have them. We’ll have trash bags and light, disposable gloves.

Snakes on Fiesta Island?


Are there snakes on Fiesta Island? We asked a Park Ranger and here is the answer we got:

Yes! Snakes are relatively common on Fiesta Island, most of them are King or Gopher (non-venomous) snakes but there is the occasional Rattler. It is certainly a risk people must be aware of and especially in the less populated areas (middle, vegetated areas of Fiesta Island).  In the Stony Point area, there have been sightings of snakes, but they are not quite as prevalent as the more vegetated areas where they can hide and avoid being trampled.

Even though the whole area is dog off leash, I advise folks to walk their dogs on leash in those areas with more vegetation. There is less chance your dog will stick its nose down a hole, or run through the grasses and run into one.  A dog owner may not realize what happened until it’s too late. In all honesty, a dog has a much greater chance of getting a foxtail injury than a snake injury any day out there -but as always, better safe than sorry. Be Aware!

Fiesta Island Featured on Pet Lounge TV Show

FIDO and Fiesta Island were featured on Pet Lounge. They were kind enough to supply us with the video and to allow us to put it on the website. You can see this one and others on our video page.

UT San Diego Names Fiesta Island One of San Diego’s Most Notable Beaches

The UT named Fiesta Island one of San Diego’s most notable beaches, saying:

Yes, canines love Ocean Beach’s Dog Beach and Coronado’s North Beach Dog Run. But they can roam leash-free on almost 100 acres here. All three places are open 24 hours; Fiesta Island has no public restrooms (not that Fido will care).

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Paddlers happy with Fiesta Island vote: Dog owners group seeks unobstructed off-leash acreage

The Mission Bay Park Planning Committee (MBPC) decided by a 6-2 vote Dec. 7 to allow area paddlers — including outriggers, dragon boats and stand up paddlers — to have a facility and use nearly an acre inside of the 90 acres set aside for off-leash dog use, to the dismay of the nonprofit Fiesta Island Dog Owners (FIDO).

Read more: San Diego Community News Group – Paddlers happy with Fiesta Island vote Dog owners group seeks unobstructed off leash acreage

Dog Fight Over Dog Park

A proposal to reduce the current 93 acres of gated, off-leash land to 87 on Fiesta Island is creating controversy once again.
The city of San Diego is putting together a major redevelopment plan for Fiesta Island. Paddlers want part of the land, while dog lovers want to preserve their portion for themselves.

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Letters to the Editor

It is unfortunate that the Union-Tribune chose to give a very shortsighted view of the details regarding the use of Fiesta Island in “Pet owners pitted against paddlers” (Local, Nov. 29).

The city and state are in the grips of a fiscal nightmare, and this will not be over anytime soon. Meanwhile, the city is looking to develop Fiesta Island at a conservative estimate of $128 million, according to documents from the Mission Bay Parks Committee presentation July 6. This includes new structures, utilities, roadways and paved parking, public art and signs and native-habitat creation that no one will be allowed to use…

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Pet owners and paddlers clash over Fiesta Island

San Diego city officials expected their effort to outline the future recreational uses and conservation of Fiesta Island at Mission Bay Park to take two years and cost roughly $292,000 for design work.

Instead, the process has taken five years and counting, costing taxpayers more than half a million dollars.

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Council coalition sides with dogowners in Fiesta Island spat

Three San Diego city councilmembers are siding with dog owners over paddlers in an ongoing spat over plans to re-think Mission Bay Park’s Fiesta Island, one of the least developed areas in the region.

Kevin Faulconer, Sherri Lightner and Lorie Zapf in a letter sent Tuesday oppose the proposed reduction of fenced, off-leash land used by dog owners to accommodate a storage and launch area for paddlers and other amenities. Paddlers said they don’t understand why the island can’t be shared and think it’s unfair that certain councilmembers have already reached a decision before hearing their side.

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