Snakes on Fiesta Island?


Are there snakes on Fiesta Island? We asked a Park Ranger and here is the answer we got:

Yes! Snakes are relatively common on Fiesta Island, most of them are King or Gopher (non-venomous) snakes but there is the occasional Rattler. It is certainly a risk people must be aware of and especially in the less populated areas (middle, vegetated areas of Fiesta Island).  In the Stony Point area, there have been sightings of snakes, but they are not quite as prevalent as the more vegetated areas where they can hide and avoid being trampled.

Even though the whole area is dog off leash, I advise folks to walk their dogs on leash in those areas with more vegetation. There is less chance your dog will stick its nose down a hole, or run through the grasses and run into one.  A dog owner may not realize what happened until it’s too late. In all honesty, a dog has a much greater chance of getting a foxtail injury than a snake injury any day out there -but as always, better safe than sorry. Be Aware!


  1. leanne kelly says:

    well I have seen gopher snakes and king snakes on FI. however, since the city has seen fit to scrap off all the vegetation and flowers from the main dog park portion of FI I have not seen any. I for one do not understand why they have to keep scrapping down this area. One of my dogs favorite thing was to run thru the flowers. and don’t forget that there used to be quite a healthy population of birds out there in spite of the dogs. now with the lack of cover the birds are gone, If the city had really been interested in controlling weeds they coul d have just burned . the weeds at the end of the season, it would have replenished the soil at the same time.

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