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Dear FIDO member --

Thanks for your ongoing support of Fiesta Island Dog Owners. We are currently in a holding pattern due to COVID, but are looking ahead to our issue possibly coming before the Coastal Commission this summer (via Zoom) -- we will keep you posted, as always.

Meanwhile, we have a quick favor to ask -- can you please send us your zip code? We are currently making presentations to city council members and the mayor's staff, and it helps if we can show which areas of the county (or outside our county) our members come from. If you don't live in San Diego County, we would still like your zip code to show that the island is a visitor destination and helpful to San Diego's economy.

 Please click the following link to add or update your zip code: <$updateinfo>

Or just send us your zip code by replying to this email.

(As always, we use your data only for contacting you regarding FIDO issues, never anything else.)


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