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don't miss the cleanup on march 26Save the date! Cleanup on Sat. March 26

FIDO's first cleanup for 2022 is ON!

Join us on Saturday, March 26 to pitch in and help keep our wonderful dog park clean. We need volunteers to patrol the fenced 90-acre dog park and help pick up poop and trash. It's necessary, it's satisfying, and you'll meet a lot of great FIDO folks.

Setup starts at 9:00 a.m., and cleanup is from 9:30 to 11:00.
FIDO will supply single-use latex gloves along with trash bags to fill. Bring your own gloves if you prefer, and if you have a picker-upper you'd like to use, please feel free to bring that. (All dogs welcome of course!)

As always, FIDO cleanups are organized with I Love a Clean San Diego. Please sign in at our tables near the north gate so that we can show the city how we work to keep the area clean.

ALSO -- we really need some volunteers to help with setup/take down and to help sign up people at the tables and gates. It's vital to making the cleanup run smoothly, so if you can help us with this, please reply to this email. FIDO board members will be there to greet you and coach you through the process.

New signs along the berms

FYI to FIDO members and all park visitors: FIDO is aware of the new signage Parks and Rec recently posted in the off-leash area. The city is trying to avoid liability for any injuries that might occur on the paths down to the beach. FIDO is looking into creating projects to improve access from the berm to the shoreline, but it will take time and lots of fundraising. Long term, we think it's worth it -- now that FIDO's plan has been officially adopted, we can pursue it. 
heart in sand
As always, see you on Facebook, on Instagram (Fiesta_Island_Dog_Owners), or on the island soon! 

FIDO is a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation run by volunteers dedicated to protecting and improving the fenced off-leash dog park on Fiesta Island.

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